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Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
now they're 0-4. >> in illinois today, europe begins its defense of the ryder cup. four matches this morning and four more matching in the afternoon. rory mcilroy and graham mcdowell within the first to tee off against jim furyk and snedeker. >> so we're hoping for him. no tiger/rory match-up today. and you remember somebody -- norman said that rory mcilroy intimidating tiger. nobody intimidates tiger. >> you would. >> i don't intimidate tiger or his caddie. he got rid of that thug. i think he's now with adam scott. but then the guy said adam scott won some average tournament and he said it was the greatest caddying game. i think he's a kiwi, isn't he? anyway, now today's weather forecast. alex wall larks i was trying to find out when on nbc the ryder cup starts today. >> i'll find out. >> alex, you're a renaissance man. you don't just know about rain, do you you? is there rain in illinois? how about that? >> it looks like the rain will be sinking just south of illinois, maybe a few showers this morning. but later today should be a little drier. >> who is it on today? >> espn to
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
darn good economy when we were playing bill clinton's tax rates and then it cuts defenses we haven't done in 30 years and entitlement programs. >> there's a few on the left that admit that going back to the clinton tax rates is not just for people who are 250, it's for everyone. >> i agree with that. >> $200 billion in the middle class from the bush tax cuts and $100 billion from the payroll tax cut -- >> it would do a lot. >> we should take our medicine, we should do it. >> that's where i think you're right. we have to -- any politician who says democrat or republican, we're going to get out of this without suffering some pain -- >> that's what we're hearing from paul krugman who says any democrat that goes along with the simpson/bowles. >> only for one reason, you shouldn't raise the -- you shouldn't raise the eligibility for medicare to 67. that makes no sense at all. but otherwise -- >> why doesn't it? >> because medicare is the only universal health care plan that we have in this country. and to raise it at the time when people are retiring is insane. and furthermore, the savi
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
they can cure everything. i've put forth michigan and illinois as defense that plan doesn't work well in the long-term. >> all right, rick, thank you very much. just a couple of quick headlines that are coming out from the draghi conference, steve, i'll run through these with you, you can tell me the most important, talk about inflation expected to stay above 2% in 2012, money growth remaining subdued, economic growth to remain week, no shocks on any of these things. he says the omt decision helped alleviate tensions in recent weeks and that it is now essential that governments keep implementing steps to try and reduce imbalances. >> right, so he needs the spanish government to request this so he can do what he believes what needs to be done. that's why he's not independent anymore. above 2% inflation forecast may explain why the ecb defied some forecasts and not cut rates, brought that from 75 down to 50 or parody with the federal reserve. i think part of the problem is that the euro has been as strong as it's been. >> also saying the council firmly committed to preserving singleness
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3